Late Post, Dusk Dances, Summer Waterside

I missed last week’s post. I’d taken these great shots in Hamilton during Dusk Dances shows.

All is well now, but I got side-tracked by my car being broken into. I lost all my scheduling and paperwork to the thieves. There was nothing of financial value stolen, still I’ve had to reconstruct my life and didn’t get to these photos until now.

I didn’t want to let them slide by. The landscape in Bayfront Park in Hamilton is so beautiful. And this storm that rolled over on our dress rehearsal night was so very dramatic.

The storm passed in a hurry and we got our rehearsal in.

This week coming we’re at Withrow Park in Toronto.

Come see us. We’ll welcome you with open arms.

And for those of you who are cottaging, boating, or otherwise getting out of town, these are for you…

We’ve had some incredible sunsets this year. The turbulent weather has been bringing lots of intense clouds and colours.

Everything is lush and every view looks like a painting.

I hope wherever you are, in the city, or the wilderness, you’re getting some time to enjoy those sunsets.

Summer’s only half over, so there’s lots of time yet to take the deep breaths. But make sure you do, because like everything else (including car windows and backpacks), summer is fleeting and will be gone before you know it.

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