bookmark_borderLate Post, Dusk Dances, Summer Waterside

I missed last week’s post. I’d taken these great shots in Hamilton during Dusk Dances shows. Continue reading “Late Post, Dusk Dances, Summer Waterside”

bookmark_borderPort Burwell

closeup image of christmas fern frondI got to spend the weekend camping at Port Burwell Provincial Park.

It was ostensibly a birding weekend, but I don’t have lenses for wildlife photography. I did check out the birds, but my photos were much closer to the ground. Continue reading “Port Burwell”

bookmark_borderSmall Industrial City

The City of Peterborough has a long history. It’s one of Ontario’s older cities and once, as “The Electric City,” vied for the capital of the province.

It got its start as a logging town where lumber pulled in from north of the city would be milled and sent on its way.

Our waterway and liftlocks were originally intended to serve industry, but the development of the highways and trucking as the major means of transport shifted the focus. Now the Trent-Severn is a pleasure route, used by leisure craft and vacationers.

image of the otonabee river with the london street dam and quaker oatsBut the industrial boom and history of the town is evident in much of its architecture. From the Quaker Oats building and water tower… Continue reading “Small Industrial City”

bookmark_borderSpring Comes Slowly

image of crocus bud with drops of rainI’ve been busy for the last couple of weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to post. But I was able to get out and enjoy some spring air this week, so I’m posting quite a few shots to make up for lost posts. Continue reading “Spring Comes Slowly”