Within the Limits: Photographs of Peterborough

Within the Limits: Photographs of Peterborough

image of ducks at sunset
Otonabee Ducks by Esther Vincent

Peterborough, Ontario, Jan 23, 2013 — In an upcoming exhibition at Ritz Deli North, photographer Esther Vincent has turned her eye from the hills and country roads of Central Ontario to more urban cityscapes. Known for her sky-scapes that focus on weather and the changing seasons, Vincent has chosen this time to examine the streets and parks closer to her home in downtown Peterborough.

All of the photographs in this exhibit present vistas that are easy walking distance from the centre of town. The Otonabee River, the rooftops over Hunter Street and Rotary Park are among the subjects presented.

“I wanted to see if I could create a visual poem,” says Vincent, “a kind of photographic ode to the place I live. These are the streets I walk every day, the places I spend much of my time. I love living in Peterborough and I wanted to celebrate this city with this exhibition.”

The photographs are not what gets called “street photography” but are expansive views of the urban environment that Vincent hopes will show some of the beauty she sees even within the limits of the downtown core.

The show runs from January 29th to February 25th at the Ritz Deli North, 641 George St N.

There is an opening reception Sunday, February 3. 2013 from 8 to 10 pm.


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