bookmark_borderMay 1st General Strike Against Ford

Two activists based out of Hamilton and Toronto put out a call for protests to occur on International Workers’ Day, May 1st, as a show of action against the extensive cuts and damaging policies put forward by the Ontario Conservative leadership. Twenty-six cities in all took part in the march.

More information on the Facebook page here:

This is the Peterborough contingent. [Press links below the gallery]

bookmark_borderSolidarity With Wet’suwet’en, Also The Crumpled Velvets

On Monday of this week there was an international action in support of the Wet’suwet’en. Please read about it here.

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bookmark_borderWhat Have I Been Doing? The Big Reno

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a long time.

I’ve been caught up in a big project here at home.

Partnered with the Endeavour Centre‘s Sustainable Building Course, I am renovating a concrete out building attached to my house.

It’s a 20 year dream come true.

Check it out.

And here are some links that you might find useful about some of the materials.




Earthen Floor

I’ll put up another set of photos when it’s all done.

And there will be a final open house on September 26 in the evening if you’re interested in checking it out in person.

When it’s all done, I hope to get back to my regularly scheduled photo posts.

bookmark_borderSnowangels Rehearsal

This weekend Public Energy is presenting Snowangels & The Lion’s Roar by Deepti Gupta of Arzoo Dance Theatre. Above is Noah Damer who is one of four performers in this unique Kathak influenced dance piece. Continue reading “Snowangels Rehearsal”

bookmark_borderNorwood Fair 2017

The Norwood Fair.

Always the same. Always a little bit different. Always fun. Always worth the drive. This year was no different. And the light was so beautiful that I got way too many great photos.

So rather then post a few, here’s a whole bunch to feast on during this harvest season.