Northern Green in Winter

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I was up north Maynooth way last weekend for a lovely visit with friends one of whom is Rocky Green who’s having a show at Gallery in the Attic in May.

I spent two relaxing days helping to sort wood, stoke fires and make dinner.

It was beautiful.

As you can see, they have a skidder. Read more “Northern Green in Winter”

Hurricane Sandy Swallows the Sun

image of car driving under a northern arm of hurricane sandy in douro, ontarioHurricane Sandy. Devastating in Cuba and Haiti and destructive across the eastern American seaboard. Here in Peterborough we had some strong winds and days and days of rain. Read more “Hurricane Sandy Swallows the Sun”


image of bulldozer in new subdivision with sunsetA new subdivision is being built in the north-west part of town. I sometimes pass it on my way to my Ackison Road vista. I noticed them clearing a little over a year ago when my shots looking south show a bare patch in the greenery way to the left. Read more “Subdivision”

Blue Suburban Skies and Burgess Shale

360° image of suburban London, Ontario
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I visited my mother in London this week. It’s been very dry there this summer, with little rain and lawns and gardens that are struggling. Most of the days this summer have looked like this.  Beautiful for sitting on the porch, not so great for growing things.

I’ve also recently had a couple of opportunities to check out rehearsals of The Burgess Shale’s Eight Days Lost project. Read more “Blue Suburban Skies and Burgess Shale”

Keene Road Late Spring 360°

360° panoramic image of Keene Road in Peterborough county at sunset in late spring
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Waiting for rain. The province is experiencing an early drought. There are fires in Timmins. Rain clouds, like just to right of Keene Rd, off in the distance there, keep passing over and teasing us with the promise of relief. Even as I type this there’s that feeling in the air.

Time to leave your tractors out in the fields, kick the cats outside, hang your laundry, do a large outdoor project involving lots of paper – do anything you can to make it rain.

We need a good soaking.

Curve Lake Ice Fishing and February Thaw

panroamic image of Curve Lake in February
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Driving past Curve Lake this week I saw the ice fishing huts and thought that with all the warm weather and thaw we’ve been having they probably won’t be up for much longer. I strolled out onto the ice, which was a bit nerve wracking for me, but since two big guys on an ATV had just zipped past I figured I was safe.

Yup. It’s an unusual feeling standing on a frozen lake.

Earlier in the week we had a fresh snow followed by a warm thaw. Read more “Curve Lake Ice Fishing and February Thaw”