Small Industrial City

The City of Peterborough has a long history. It’s one of Ontario’s older cities and once, as “The Electric City,” vied for the capital of the province.

It got its start as a logging town where lumber pulled in from north of the city would be milled and sent on its way.

Our waterway and liftlocks were originally intended to serve industry, but the development of the highways and trucking as the major means of transport shifted the focus. Now the Trent-Severn is a pleasure route, used by leisure craft and vacationers.

image of the otonabee river with the london street dam and quaker oatsBut the industrial boom and history of the town is evident in much of its architecture. From the Quaker Oats building and water tower… Read more “Small Industrial City”

Snow Days

snow_dawnI’ve been up at dawn each day this month.

Well, actually before dawn.

Enough before dawn to watch the sky go from night blackness through that dim blue into a brief riot of colour as the sun launches into day. Read more “Snow Days”

High Water and (of course) Ducks

image of river and dam showing high water spring runoffA lot of snow combined with a lot of rain in mid April has created one of the highest water levels on the Otonabee in a long, long time.

Here, from a safe distance, is my favourite Dam at London Street. I often sneak out into the middle of the river at low water to snap shots. Read more “High Water and (of course) Ducks”

Fog Town, roboteyes, Beekeeper and Family – Also Exhibition Reminder

Exhibition Reminder

image of forest path with fogWe’ve had another bout of fog.

This was a late afternoon fog that rose up off the snow and river in visible swaths. Read more “Fog Town, roboteyes, Beekeeper and Family – Also Exhibition Reminder”

My Own Backyard and Within the Limits Exhibition

image of sun with hazy rainbow ring  over urban backyardIt’s been a busy week and I haven’t had much time to go out on my own to take photos for myself. So here’s a photo from my back porch this afternoon.

Wintery. Read more “My Own Backyard and Within the Limits Exhibition”

Petunia, Grier and the Corner Where I Live

image of PetuniaI saw Petunia play at the Garnet this week. He’s charming, talented and his unique music is worth a night out. Find him playing in your town and enjoy.

I also had the chance to take some snaps of handsome baby Grier. Read more “Petunia, Grier and the Corner Where I Live”