bookmark_borderNew Camera, Fog and Swinnerton

I bought myself a Christmas present. A new Sony A7. On the recommendation of my friend Matt O’Sullivan (if you’re on Facebook, you can see an excellent street photo gallery here), This photo, shot from the hip, is a tribute/thank-you to him for his recommendation and inspiration. Thanks, Matt. Continue reading “New Camera, Fog and Swinnerton”

bookmark_borderFog Town, roboteyes, Beekeeper and Family – Also Exhibition Reminder

Exhibition Reminder

image of forest path with fogWe’ve had another bout of fog.

This was a late afternoon fog that rose up off the snow and river in visible swaths. Continue reading “Fog Town, roboteyes, Beekeeper and Family – Also Exhibition Reminder”

bookmark_borderMist, Fog and More Flying Things, Like Geese and Busses

image of still lake at sunset with buoysWe’ve had unseasonably warm weather this past week. Warm days and cool nights. This brought on a week of mist, fog and soft colours.

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bookmark_borderMist Over the River

image of the Otonabee river covered in mistComing out of rehearsal last weekend the air was damp but warmer than it had been for days. Driving home I noticed some mist coming up off the Otonabee. I found my way to the river and this is what I saw.

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bookmark_borderIce Below the Dam

image of large ice skirt around a tree

I sometimes get myself into some dangerous situations taking photos: standing roadside at night, on a hill in a lightning storm, in a mosh pit in front of a band. I don’t take unnecessary risks, but they’re not places for the faint of heart.

On this particular adventure, however, I actually felt uneasy. I didn’t know when the dam might open, or one of the huge ice skirts might come crashing down or a tree collapse under the weight (one had before I arrived). The footing was slippery shale and the icy water was moving very fast.

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bookmark_borderPeterborough Sci Fi

Image of Peterborough at night in fog and lightning

This is from the tail end of an attempt to catch some lightning. I got a couple of strikes, but nothing spectacular. Driving back into town I could see mist rising from the Otonabee and fog rolling across town so I sped to the top of Armour Hill. This is what I saw. I thought it looked like an overdone sci-fi set.