bookmark_borderLate Post, Dusk Dances, Summer Waterside

I missed last week’s post. I’d taken these great shots in Hamilton during Dusk Dances shows. Continue reading “Late Post, Dusk Dances, Summer Waterside”

bookmark_borderIce Storm by the River (test post apologies)

image of the london street dam in peterborough after an ice stormThere was an ice storm earlier in the week.

Well, not exactly an ice storm. It was cold. It snowed. Then it started to rain. It was warming up slowly, but the rain still froze on each surface it touched. Continue reading “Ice Storm by the River (test post apologies)”

bookmark_borderSnow Days

snow_dawnI’ve been up at dawn each day this month.

Well, actually before dawn.

Enough before dawn to watch the sky go from night blackness through that dim blue into a brief riot of colour as the sun launches into day. Continue reading “Snow Days”

bookmark_borderEnd Of the Ice Storm (Until Next Time)

image of landscape through ice on tree branchI got back to Peterborough last week just before the weather warmed up and all the ice melted.

Above is Rice Lake distorted through a coating of ice on a branch beside the frozen water. (If you click on the photo to look at it close up, you can see the horizon, trees and branches.)

Continue reading “End Of the Ice Storm (Until Next Time)”

bookmark_borderAdelaide Street Clouds, Commissioners Road On Fire

image of train going under the adelaide street overpass and a stormIn London visiting mom. I stopped on the Adelaide Street overpass to catch the rain/snow clouds as they gathered in the north-west. Continue reading “Adelaide Street Clouds, Commissioners Road On Fire”

bookmark_borderI’ve Looked at (These) Clouds From Both Sides Now

storm_startI was out running errands with the weather folks saying that a storm was on its way.

It was hot, humid and so close you could reach out and grab it. But no sign of storm clouds until I turned east on Lily Lake Road and this beauty was billowing up out of the haze. Continue reading “I’ve Looked at (These) Clouds From Both Sides Now”

bookmark_borderWind, More Ice Damage and Tulips

image of ice storm damaged tree at rice lake
Another trace of ice damage from the storm two weeks ago. This enormous tree, second from the left in this photo from most of two years ago, will no longer hang over the end of the spit into the north side of Rice Lake. Continue reading “Wind, More Ice Damage and Tulips”