No One Here But Us Chickens

image of brown laying hen looking driectly into the camera with a funny faceI love my occasional house sits out on the farm. In the depths of winter it’s a calm and quiet retreat for me. In the summer it’s fun to watch the various animals grow and change.

image of proud looking laying hen strutting in her coopThis time around I spent a bit of time hanging with the chickens. There’s a coop full of layers who cluck and squawk and carry on every morning as they lay their eggs – eggs, which have deep yellow yokes and make rich, tasty omelets.

image of two chubby, white feathered young chicksAnd there are young meat chicks in two “chicken tractors,” moveable shaded pens that keep the chicks safe while allowing them to scurry around in the grass.

There was a time in my life when I was a strident vegetarian. These days I eat meat some. But I am becoming more and more picky about where the meat I eat comes from. I have a feeling I’ll eventually get to a point where I won’t eat an animal I haven’t met.

It can be a difficult subject to be sure. But there is something that feels quite natural about caring for and feeding the animals that later feed you.

Either way, I’m now quite content never buying meat that comes shrink wrapped on styrofoam. I’m fortunate to live in a part of the world where I have access to many independent farmers and can drive up their lanes or stop by their booths at the downtown market and know that I’m buying meat from a beast that was as healthy as I want to be.

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