bookmark_borderDogs, Walks and Cows

image of Jack Russell puppy leaping through a farmer's fieldThis is Merv LeRoy.

I went out last weekend to visit a friend at her new farm and to and meet the new addition to the family. Merv, a Jack Russell, is a source of boundless energy.

Somewhat less energetic were the cows… Continue reading “Dogs, Walks and Cows”

bookmark_borderPetunia, Grier and the Corner Where I Live

image of PetuniaI saw Petunia play at the Garnet this week. He’s charming, talented and his unique music is worth a night out. Find him playing in your town and enjoy.

I also had the chance to take some snaps of handsome baby Grier. Continue reading “Petunia, Grier and the Corner Where I Live”

bookmark_borderOccupy your Hope

image of toddler petting a dog with "i support sustainability" sign at occupy torontoI was in Toronto on the weekend and had to stop by to check out St. James Park and the Occupy Toronto actions.

There are a lot of reasons to fight for a better future – and sustainability for our next generations is one of the best.

The atmosphere in the park is positive, hopeful and Continue reading “Occupy your Hope”

bookmark_border15 Minutes Old

image of just born lamb being cleaned by its mother

I was out following a storm and saw a beautiful sloping field dotted with sheep under one of the storm front clouds. I stopped to ask the farmer if I could go into his field and shoot his sheep. He went into the barn to turn off the electric fence and came out asking if I’d like to snap a photo of a lamb being born.

This was the first moment the lamb raised its head.