The Peterborough Storefront Photo Project: Photographer Call

Call for Photographers

Deadline: TONIGHT – June 24, 2013 at midnight

Are you a photographer?image of Firehouse Gourmet

Do you know someone in business in Peterborough?

Would you like to honour that someone (or someones) in a photographic exhibition?

Welcome to the Peterborough Storefront Photo Project.

The Peterborough Storefront Photo Project is an exhibition which will celebrate both the photographic talent and the many entrepreneurs of Peterborough.

What it is:
The Peterborough Storefront Photo Project is looking for photographers to pair themselves with a business in Peterborough by taking a photograph of the proprietor(s) of any Peterborough based business in front of the storefront, building, office or location of their business.

Up to 30 selected photographs will be displayed in an exhibition during Artsweek – September 6 – 13, 2013 (Location TBA)

Who is eligible:
Anyone who likes to take photographs is welcome to submit sample photos and proposal. All styles, methods and types of equipment used are welcome.

Any business that is owned and operated in Peterborough is an acceptable subject. To avoid issues with logo and copyright infringement, photograph proposals involving franchises or chain stores will not be accepted.

The Exhibition:
The Peterborough Storefront Photo Project will complete the printing and framing of the selected works to create a unified look across the exhibition. The location of the exhibition is to be determined.

The Perks:
Photographers will be paid $50 for each photo shown as well as being able to keep (or sell) their finished photo after the show.

Details you should know:
The owner(s) of the business must consent to having their photograph taken and exhibited. Consent forms will be supplied to photographers who are accepted.

You do not need to confirm with the business owner(s) until your are accepted for the show. If you are accepted but the business owners don’t give their consent, you will be given the opportunity to find another business to work with.

If two photographers who are accepted choose the same business as their subject alternatives will be discussed between those two photographers and the PSPP.

At least one owner of the business must be present in the final photograph. You are welcome to include staff and patrons, or not, as you see fit.

Printing will be done from digital files so final submissions must be in jpeg or tiff digital format and large enough to be printed 8×10.

If you are an experienced film photographer and have access to a darkroom, please feel free to propose printing your own work. Details can be worked out if your work is accepted.

If you have access to an old photograph of an existing building, you are welcome to propose diptychs of old and new photographs of the same location. The old photograph must be in scanable condition and you must obtain the rights to reproduce the old photograph.

Finished photos will be 8×10 – this requires a finished file that is at least 3000 x 2400 pixels.

Photos taken with phones or point and shoots are welcome as long as they will print at this size. Check your phone or camera’s manual or check the properties on your other picture files to see if your images will print large enough.

I will be doing the printing and framing for most photos, so you don’t have to worry about your “post production” or processing skills.

Proposals will be reviewed and results will be announced by June 30th.

Finished photo files for exhibition must be submitted by August 15th.

How to Apply:
Please fill out the form which can be downloaded here and submit it to

Along with this form please submit five (5) examples of your photographs (max 1 meg each). The best photographs to submit include portraits, architecture or people and buildings together. Please do not submit more than five photographs.

Links to online portfolios or websites will not be considered.

Large photo files over 1 meg will not be considered.

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