bookmark_borderEmergency #21

Another busy show week for me, but I did get a chance to take a whack of photos.

I’m off to a rehearsal and a show, though, so won’t caption each photo. Maybe next week, while I’ve got a few moments to spare, I’ll revise the post with credits. But for now – come see the show and you can find out who’s who here at the Public Energy event page.

There’s three programs. Program A and Mirmidon opened last night. Program B opens tonight and you can see both programs Saturday starting at 7:30 and Mirmidon has a Sunday matinee.

Lots of good stuff.

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bookmark_borderFalling and Double Take/October 16, 1978

derek mcgrath and peggy coffey, promotional image for falling: a wake

I’m working on a beautiful show this week. Falling: A Wake is a moving story about love and letting go. Directed by Randy Read for New Stages, and starring Derek McGrath and Peggy Coffey (above) it opens on April 12th at the Market Hall.

A human story in a seamless script performed by two honest and giving actors. Continue reading “Falling and Double Take/October 16, 1978”

bookmark_borderQueen Marie at 4th Line Theatre

image of Rob Winslow and Shelley Simester in 4th Line's Queen MarieI was invited to take photos of 4th Line Theatre’s first preview of Queen Marie.

Above are Rob Winslow (as a young Charlie Chaplin) and Shelley Simester (starring as Marie Dressler) in a scene in which they recreate the filming of “Tillie’s Punctured Romance.”

If you’re in the Peterborough area in the next few weeks, Continue reading “Queen Marie at 4th Line Theatre”

bookmark_borderBig Moon, From the House of Mirth and Wine With Everything

image of the largest full moon of the year rising over the countrysideI’m sure you heard the news of the largest full moon of the year coming up last Saturday. Well, I had to take the opportunity to see if I could grab a few shots of it as it came up over the countryside. Continue reading “Big Moon, From the House of Mirth and Wine With Everything”

bookmark_borderMy Fair Lady

image from dress rehearsal of St. James Players' My Fair Lady

This week I had the pleasure of taking some snaps for the dress rehearsal of the St. James Player’s Fall show, My Fair Lady.

This is the scene at the Embassy Ball where Eliza Doolittle (Kate Suhr dancing with Beau Dixon as Henry Higgins) shows off her “proper lady” skills.

Below is Alfred P. Doolittle singing about how easy it can be “With a Little Bit of Luck.” Continue reading “My Fair Lady”