bookmark_borderEvery City Has a Strip

image of the intersection of lansdowne and the parkway in peterborough, ontario on a cloudy day three days before christmas showing overhead wires and stop lights and the pedestrian walkwayEvery city has a strip. At least one. Some cities have several. Peterborough has a couple. But Lansdowne Street is our main drag into town, or past town if you’re headed out to easterly cottages. Continue reading “Every City Has a Strip”

bookmark_borderReflection/Strip Mall (“So I Told Him…”)

image of sunsetIt has rained a lot here recently. Hard spring rains. A lot of the fields are saturated with water puddling at the surface. The saturated sunsets look great reflected in them.

The solar farm, which is getting larger by the month, Continue reading “Reflection/Strip Mall (“So I Told Him…”)”