bookmark_borderTour Driving – Shots through the windshield

fire_tour_2015_01I missed the last two Friday posts because I was on tour.

I spend so much time on the road these days. So much driving.* Continue reading “Tour Driving – Shots through the windshield”

bookmark_borderNorthern Green in Winter

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I was up north Maynooth way last weekend for a lovely visit with friends one of whom is Rocky Green who’s having a show at Gallery in the Attic in May.

I spent two relaxing days helping to sort wood, stoke fires and make dinner.

It was beautiful.

As you can see, they have a skidder. Continue reading “Northern Green in Winter”

bookmark_borderIce Storm by the River (test post apologies)

image of the london street dam in peterborough after an ice stormThere was an ice storm earlier in the week.

Well, not exactly an ice storm. It was cold. It snowed. Then it started to rain. It was warming up slowly, but the rain still froze on each surface it touched. Continue reading “Ice Storm by the River (test post apologies)”