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image of rainbow over suburban house in london, ontarioFor those of you who don’t already know, my mom, Bernice Vincent, died on Friday, March 25th.

You can read the obituary, a kind tribute by James Reaney, and an interesting article in the London Free Press. Or review her career as an artist on her web site.

Here I post this rather poor photo, taken two hours after her burial. After a weekend of mixed weather including sun, warm, cold, rain, snow, sleet, cloud and clear, the day of mom’s funeral was primarily sunny with swaths of interesting cloud.

At the cemetery someone looked up and said, “it’s a Bernice Vincent sky.” Someone else piped up, “they’re ALL Bernice Vincent skies.”

After we got back to mom’s place and were beginning to relax, the clouds, very briefly, opened up, then broke with sun in the west. For just a few minutes, hovering over the house, was this rainbow.


Thank-you, mom,

for everything.

bookmark_borderPeterborough 360° and Cows Before the Storm

image of downtown Peterborough, Ontario under a storm
click to see full size

A remarkable weather pattern blew over Peterborough last Monday. I rushed to the parking garage in the middle of town to set up my tripod and umbrella. I caught most of it as it flew past, with cloud and wind, rainbow and eerie amber light.

It was hard to choose which photos to post, so at the bottom there’s a full gallery showing the whole amazing array.

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