bookmark_borderMay 1st General Strike Against Ford

Two activists based out of Hamilton and Toronto put out a call for protests to occur on International Workers’ Day, May 1st, as a show of action against the extensive cuts and damaging policies put forward by the Ontario Conservative leadership. Twenty-six cities in all took part in the march.

More information on the Facebook page here:

This is the Peterborough contingent. [Press links below the gallery]

bookmark_borderSolidarity With Wet’suwet’en, Also The Crumpled Velvets

On Monday of this week there was an international action in support of the Wet’suwet’en. Please read about it here.

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bookmark_borderIdle No More

image of dean del mastro at idle no more protest, peterboroughI had many things to do this Wednesday, so I wasn’t able to make it to the beginning of the Idle No More peaceful protest that carried a large crowd along Lansdowne Street to Dean Deal Mastro, our local MP’s office.

I arrived in time, however, to see Mr. Del Mastro, surrounded by protesters, looking overwhelmed and cold. Continue reading “Idle No More”

bookmark_borderOccupy your Hope

image of toddler petting a dog with "i support sustainability" sign at occupy torontoI was in Toronto on the weekend and had to stop by to check out St. James Park and the Occupy Toronto actions.

There are a lot of reasons to fight for a better future – and sustainability for our next generations is one of the best.

The atmosphere in the park is positive, hopeful and Continue reading “Occupy your Hope”