bookmark_borderSo Many Stars

image of night sky north of duoroI went out this week to see if I could see the Northern Lights that were possibly going to occur. (The colour in the sky close to the ground above is from city lights and parking lots in Lakefield, Young’s Point and Burleigh Falls.) Continue reading “So Many Stars”

bookmark_borderI’m Seeing Stars

image of sunset over water with treesI’ve been wanting to practice shooting the night sky for a while now. Last night I was driving out with a friend to try to grab a shot for this blog before the sun went down.

We didn’t quite make it in time, but he knew of a place, with a dock, where we might be able to get some good night shots.

Off we headed to the water.

Continue reading “I’m Seeing Stars”

bookmark_borderPeterborough Sci Fi

Image of Peterborough at night in fog and lightning

This is from the tail end of an attempt to catch some lightning. I got a couple of strikes, but nothing spectacular. Driving back into town I could see mist rising from the Otonabee and fog rolling across town so I sped to the top of Armour Hill. This is what I saw. I thought it looked like an overdone sci-fi set.