bookmark_borderBlue Suburban Skies and Burgess Shale

360° image of suburban London, Ontario
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I visited my mother in London this week. It’s been very dry there this summer, with little rain and lawns and gardens that are struggling. Most of the days this summer have looked like this.  Beautiful for sitting on the porch, not so great for growing things.

I’ve also recently had a couple of opportunities to check out rehearsals of The Burgess Shale’s Eight Days Lost project. Continue reading “Blue Suburban Skies and Burgess Shale”

bookmark_borderTrains, Suburbs and Proper Snowscapes

image of a train yard under a cloudy skyI traveled to London this week to visit my mom and was caught by this train yard on Egerton. I’ve passed this yard hundreds of times in my life, Continue reading “Trains, Suburbs and Proper Snowscapes”

bookmark_borderCommunications (plus Dave Tough now and then)

double image of microwave towers

Since doing my weather project a couple of years ago, I have become fascinated by the artifacts of humanity that dot the natural landscape outside of cities. Everything from hydro lines and furrowed fields to lonely highways and hiking trails.

Cell phone, microwave and radio towers in particular interest me Continue reading “Communications (plus Dave Tough now and then)”

bookmark_borderSuburban Sunset

image of sun setting over suburban school yard in winter

This is the school yard I played in at recess when I was very young. To the right is my first elementary school. It’s much larger now from a couple of additions and kids being bussed in.

Between us and the bungalows in the distance, just to the left there, between the trees and the telephone poles in the distance, is a path that leads down into the ravine that we used to refer to as “down the woods.” I can’t count the number of hours we spent down there as kids – exploring, getting muddy, climbing trees, wading in marshy ponds, catching bugs and frogs and spiders.

I walked down there this week for the first time in 20 years.

It’s amazing how much a forest will change when you’re not looking.

bookmark_borderSuburban Sunrise Christmas Eve Morning

image of sun coming up in winter

I’m here in London visiting mom for the holidays and got up this morning to try to capture the sun coming up over the masses of snow that have fallen here. Much of it has melted, so the great mound of snow that used to cap the gazebo has reduced considerably in size, but there’s still no shortage of the white stuff.

As it melts Continue reading “Suburban Sunrise Christmas Eve Morning”