New Camera, Fog and Swinnerton

I bought myself a Christmas present. A new Sony A7. On the recommendation of my friend Matt O’Sullivan (if you’re on Facebook, you can see an excellent street photo gallery here), This photo, shot from the hip, is a tribute/thank-you to him for his recommendation and inspiration. Thanks, Matt. Read more “New Camera, Fog and Swinnerton”

Downtown Twilight and Kissed by the Autumn Sun

image of sunset over urban parking lotSeptember. Early autumn. The light is fantastic at this time of year. And the sunsets seem to be so much more dramatic. Read more “Downtown Twilight and Kissed by the Autumn Sun”

Music Marathon

image of crowd in the rain at Hootenanny on HunterI caught almost twelve hours straight of music last Saturday. It was the annual Hootenanny on Hunter.

The rain threatened on and off all day, but that didn’t stop the crowd Read more “Music Marathon”

BA Johnston and One Big Cloud

image of BA Johnston outside the GarnetBA Johnston. He’s a phenomenon. He usually draws large crowds of drunken revelers who love his over the top, self-deprecating belligerence.

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to catch him as he played to an adoring crowd of fifteen at the Garnet.

It was my favourite BA Johnston set ever. It was so good he had to take the show out into the street to share it with the world (above). Read more “BA Johnston and One Big Cloud”