bookmark_borderLeigh of the Golden Harp

image of Leigh Macdonald wearing a flowing deep golden brown tunic with a giant harp emerging from her head and trailing town behind her to her sandaled feet

Another from the upcoming Jack and the Beanstalk. This is Leigh MacDonald who will soon be playing the Golden Harp. This was a costume test for Mel McCall, designer. She wanted to see if the harp would stay in place. Also, some photos were needed for publicity.

I love the incongruous image of Leigh with the harp walking through what looks like a neighbourhood party. If only all block parties had giant harps.

ALSO NOTE: I will be in Millenium Park tomorrow selling photos for Artsweek’s Art in the Park. Come on down and have a look. Many sizes, many prices, framed and unframed. Small fridge magnet photos are $5. Very fun.