bookmark_borderWinter, Snow, Geese, Tree and Dogsnowfight

snowgeeseA few days ago, there was very little snow on the ground but a lot of fine grains blowing in the cold, cold wind. Continue reading “Winter, Snow, Geese, Tree and Dogsnowfight”

bookmark_borderMist, Fog and More Flying Things, Like Geese and Busses

image of still lake at sunset with buoysWe’ve had unseasonably warm weather this past week. Warm days and cool nights. This brought on a week of mist, fog and soft colours.

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bookmark_borderEarly Spring

image of crocus in  garden

The first crocus is up a full two weeks earlier than last year and there’s a lot more green in the garden, too. Such an early spring.

Even the peepers and geese are a couple weeks ahead of themselves. If you look closely to the mid left you can see a goose just lit by the sun.

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bookmark_borderGeese On White Over Blue

image of flock of Canada geese in a blue sky in fall

Coming home from a friend’s cottage the light was fantastic. I stopped to snap a line of late autumn trees and just as I was aiming my camera a flock of geese flew through the frame.

They were quiet. Only one honk as they flew over.

“D’ja get us?”

Yes, I did, thanks.