bookmark_borderGoing Down to Jackson Showings

GDJ_Ackhurst Hi all,

I don’t usually post more than once a week, but I wanted to let you know where and when you can see the projections of my Going Down to Jackson project.

It’s going to be projected on the sides of buildings in various locations downtown all of this week. Continue reading “Going Down to Jackson Showings”

bookmark_borderGoing Downtown With Jackson

jacksoncreek_bill_laurelI’m finally finished my rubber boot photo project.

This is Bill Kimball and Laurel Paluck. They’ve been working to help make Artsweek happen. Continue reading “Going Downtown With Jackson”

bookmark_borderWinter (Nooooooo!)

[Note: I’m having a 10% off special for portraits – check it out here.]

image of stream in winterA lot of snow has come early and, because last year was so brutal, people are already sounding horrified by the thought of another winter. Continue reading “Winter (Nooooooo!)”

bookmark_borderNovember Skies (also Workshop and Show)

Before I get to this week’s photos, please allow me to remind/invite you to my three part workshop, The Exposure Triangle. Classes start tomorrow at 1pm at Artspace.

Also, I have a show up. Hidden Architecture. It seems this time of year often presents an opportunity for a last minute show and this year is no exception. Head into Tonic Hair Studio on George Street to check out some new work.


image of altocumulus clouds at duskThe clouds this week have been moody and with the time change, the sun is going down earlier.

image of grey clouds over rural roadI have to get out earlier if I want to catch the light before it’s gone.

But it’s all ok with me if the clouds are going to be this interesting.

image of horses in field under stormy sky