Ice Storm by the River (test post apologies)

image of the london street dam in peterborough after an ice stormThere was an ice storm earlier in the week.

Well, not exactly an ice storm. It was cold. It snowed. Then it started to rain. It was warming up slowly, but the rain still froze on each surface it touched. Read more “Ice Storm by the River (test post apologies)”

Little Fire, Winnie Brave, Flooding and First Crocus

Last weekend I went to see Little Fire at the Barbeside. This quartet, headed by Charlie Maine, presents some solid, blues and soul based pop. Read more “Little Fire, Winnie Brave, Flooding and First Crocus”

High Water and (of course) Ducks

image of river and dam showing high water spring runoffA lot of snow combined with a lot of rain in mid April has created one of the highest water levels on the Otonabee in a long, long time.

Here, from a safe distance, is my favourite Dam at London Street. I often sneak out into the middle of the river at low water to snap shots. Read more “High Water and (of course) Ducks”

Little Lake 360­° and Fire in the Sky

360 degree image of little lake, peterborough at sunset in fallWe’ve had such beautiful clear weather recently it’s been hard to find a dramatic sky. Earlier this week it started to turn fall-like again with wind and rain and this intense sunset over Little Lake. The sky was the same colour as the trees behind me.

As the sun went down, it looked like the city was on fire. Read more “Little Lake 360­° and Fire in the Sky”

Toronto and fall coming

image of toronto under cloudy skiesI drove into Toronto this week and, being early for my meeting, took some time at the eastern tip of Beaches park to sneak a few photos of the city dwarfed by an enormous cloud. Don’t seem so big now, do ya’ Mr. CN Tower?

Back home, the fall is setting in. Read more “Toronto and fall coming”