Every City Has a Strip

image of the intersection of lansdowne and the parkway in peterborough, ontario on a cloudy day three days before christmas showing overhead wires and stop lights and the pedestrian walkwayEvery city has a strip. At least one. Some cities have several. Peterborough has a couple. But Lansdowne Street is our main drag into town, or past town if you’re headed out to easterly cottages. Read more “Every City Has a Strip”

Humber Park Moon

humberparkgullsI got caught up in all the “super moon” excitement this week. I also happened to be on the west side of Toronto.

I thought I’d stop for a bit in Humber Park to see if I could catch a snap of the big ole’ moon coming up over the city. Read more “Humber Park Moon”

London – 9th Floor (late post)

image of london, ontario from the 9th floor of the new victoria hospitalAnother trip to London this week. A bit rushed so I didn’t get to a computer in time to get this post out on Friday. So here you are with a late Sunday post.

I did, however, get to spend some time looking out a 9th floor picture window at the changing weather over downtown London. Read more “London – 9th Floor (late post)”

Peterborough 360° and Cows Before the Storm

image of downtown Peterborough, Ontario under a storm
click to see full size

A remarkable weather pattern blew over Peterborough last Monday. I rushed to the parking garage in the middle of town to set up my tripod and umbrella. I caught most of it as it flew past, with cloud and wind, rainbow and eerie amber light.

It was hard to choose which photos to post, so at the bottom there’s a full gallery Read more “Peterborough 360° and Cows Before the Storm”