bookmark_borderHead O’ The Trent

This last weekend was Head of the Trent. An event that most of Peterborough associates with copious drinking and obnoxious student behaviour.

However, it is actually a rowing regatta. And although last Saturday threatened rain, the weather was lovely. Continue reading “Head O’ The Trent”

bookmark_borderHigh Water and (of course) Ducks

image of river and dam showing high water spring runoffA lot of snow combined with a lot of rain in mid April has created one of the highest water levels on the Otonabee in a long, long time.

Here, from a safe distance, is my favourite Dam at London Street. I often sneak out into the middle of the river at low water to snap shots. Continue reading “High Water and (of course) Ducks”

bookmark_borderSeeds in Winter

image of seedy sunday, peterborough, jill bishop, peter hughes

Last weekend was Seedy Sunday. Jill Bishop is the mastermind of this great event. She and Peter Hughes (both pictured above) help co-ordinate The Peterborough Community Garden Network. Jill also runs the Wednesday Farmers’ Market in downtown Peterborough. Continue reading “Seeds in Winter”

bookmark_borderLow Water Blush

image of the otonabee river and the mnr building at sunsetIt looked like it was going to be a good sunset night. So I high-tailed it to the river to grab some shots. The river was at low water, so I could stand about six feet in from the bank. A perfect view.

Continue reading “Low Water Blush”

bookmark_borderBefore, Under, After

image of Trent University before a big stormThe last week of really busy weeks. I only had one chance to take photos. Oddly, they look similar to last week’s photos. This week, though, I had my “big” camera and break times were just so timed that I caught the sky just before the storm (above)…

Continue reading “Before, Under, After”

bookmark_borderCanal Road Sunset

Image of clouds at sunset reflected in the Trent Canal

On my way home from a tour of the country side I saw the clouds turning purple and made a quick turn up a dead end road just inside the city limits hoping I could get a nice panorama of the dramatic colours. How lovely to find the sky reflected up from the still surface of the Trent Canal. Frogs and turtles were croaking and peeping, their noses popping out from the water at my feet.