bookmark_borderA Tern For the Better

I drove down to Rice Lake today.

I hadn’t been there since before COVID but have always loved the little jetty that reaches out into the lake at the end of Hiawatha Line. Many of the photos on the blog were taken there. (You can search the site for “rice lake” and see dozens of images in all seasons.)

image of Rice Lake in bright sun with three scattered puffy clouds. the clouds are creating streaks of shadow against the deep blue sky. there are two buoys, several geese and seagulls in the water below. a line of trees make up the distant horizon. a single seagull soars between the water and clouds.

I was hoping to get a recording of the water lapping on the rocks of the jetty for a project I’m working on.*

As I sat listening and revelling in the sounds of the waves and the birds, I could hear a quiet shuffling coming from beneath one of the big boulders near to me.

I looked over and there was a tern trapped in a crevice with its wings splayed between the rocks. It was still alive and struggling but I could see it was almost spent.

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bookmark_borderMist, Fog and More Flying Things, Like Geese and Busses

image of still lake at sunset with buoysWe’ve had unseasonably warm weather this past week. Warm days and cool nights. This brought on a week of mist, fog and soft colours.

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