bookmark_borderLanding, Hawk and Wooded Walk

flight01It was a hectic week in Vancouver for Dusk Dances. Between one thing and another it took some doing to get the week finished with style.

The flight home, however, was a treat.

flight02Once we passed the western clouds and smoky haze, the clouds over Manitoba, Minnesota and Wisconsin were really interesting.

flight03Once we were into Ontario the sun was going down between two layers of cloud cover.

As we approached the ground I had to put my camera away, but it was beautiful to see, from my window seat, the lights of Toronto coming on as the sun’s light was fading. Backyard parties, swimming pools, even the parking lots of strip malls looked magically illuminated in the fading sunset. And as we had to circle the airport to wait for our turn to land I got my eyes full of the wonder of seeing the earth from above.

image of broad winged hawk on branchThis week, while continuing my planning and prep for the Dances, I sneaked in a quick one day respite in the north-ish woods.

This broad winged hawk, who gets to see the earth from above all the time, doesn’t need to signal to air control when he wants to take off or land. He’s cleared for pretty much anything he wants to do.

northern_green_woods01This forest, however, is only partly cleared. And that’s a good thing.

northern_green_woods02I’ve had a few opportunities to stroll through this plot of land with it’s mixed forest and rough cut paths and drives.

So refreshing to breathe this air. So good to hear the crunch of leaf mold underfoot. So excellent to have this day of rest before I launch into my four weeks of summer madness.

Dusk Dances starts in Peterborough next week, and Hamilton the week after. Come join us if you can.

bookmark_borderSolstice Skies (Storefront Photo Call Reminder – 3 days left)

black and white image of field and cloudsIt was a very Summer Solstice day. Bright with just a touch of haze.

I don’t usually shoot for black and white. My love affair with colours is too deep. But the high hanging, high contrast sun, the low silvery clouds and the haze on the horizon just asked to be turned into layers of grey. Continue reading “Solstice Skies (Storefront Photo Call Reminder – 3 days left)”

bookmark_border(Not a) Bomber in Winter

[Update: I was mistaken that this plane is a bomber. I have been informed by a couple of sources that this is a Hercules cargo plane. It lives at the nearby Trenton Canadian Forces Base and makes the trip to the Peterborough Air Port on a semi-regular basis for training.]

image of a bomber flying over a modern winter landscape I was out shooting the winter landscape when I was distracted by a loud distant rumbling.

I turned around and behind me I could see a plane approaching. Continue reading “(Not a) Bomber in Winter”