Peterborough Music Scene

Peterborough Music Scene Celebrated in Photography of Esther Vincent

image of poster for Photos show by Esther Vincent, poster shows an image of the mosh pit with people laughing and crashing into each other, in the middle of the frame is an outstretched fist of rock and roll triumph.

Peterborough, Ontario, June 4, 2009 — For the month of June, The Spill Coffee Bar is hosting Esther Vincent’s first solo exhibition of photographs featuring the independent music scene in Peterborough.

After the opening, which is free to the public, three bands including Peterborough’s, Sean Conway will be playing as part of the Canary Indie Music Festival. (Tickets to the festival are ten dollars.) The other performers include The Kettle Black from Ottawa and Wax Mannequin from Hamilton who will be depicted in one of the photos that will be hanging in the exhibition.

“I look for the human,” says Vincent of her music and performance photography. “I look for that moment of joy, pain, honesty. I like to capture an image that is both beautiful and vulnerable. The people in these photographs are on stage, they are performing, showing us their public personae, but when the music hits just right, that persona becomes transparent. We get to see the person, their true heart, their sorrow, their joy, the ecstasy they feel in making music. It is those moments that really connect us, the performer and audience. It is those moments that I try to capture in my photographs.”

The exhibition runs from June 2nd to June 30th, 2009. The opening is Thursday, June 4th from 7 to 9 pm. The bands start at 9pm. The Spill is located at 414 George St. N.

Bio: Esther Vincent is an artist and entrepreneur living in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. You can see her photographs in posters, album art and promo for a handful of small independent Canadian bands. She also does archival and promotional photography for performance (theatre and dance), galleries, events and anywhere else people get together to do stuff. Her photographs have been published in the Peterborough Examiner, Canadian Organic Grower and Site Sound Magazine.

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