Going Down to Jackson: Call CLOSED

Going Down to Jackson


I’ve had such an excellent response to this project that bookings are now closed. If you have already contacted me and haven’t heard back, please be patient while I get back to you. You will be included. I’m just working out the schedule. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Put on a pair of rubber boots, stand in Jackson Creek and get your photo taken. That’s all that’s required to take part in “Going Down to Jackson,” a photo exhibition being presented during Artsweek.

Individuals, friends, groups, families, pets, all welcome.

For more details, read on.

image of the McCarthy family at Jackson CreekWhat is this?
Going Down to Jackson is a project by Esther Vincent for Artsweek Peterborough that celebrates Jackson Creek and it’s place in our community. The exhibition will feature photos of people from all over Peterborough wearing rubber boots and standing in Jackson Creek.

Where will the photos be shown?
The photos will be presented as an outdoor slideshow projection at one or more locations in downtown Peterborough during Artsweek which runs from September 18th to 27th. You’ll get to see yourself “on the big screen” with others who share your love for the Creek.

The exact location of the projections will be announced as Artsweek begins.

When will the photos be taken?
You can sign up to have your photo taken any time between September 2nd and 15th. You choose the date, time and spot in the creek. Have a couple of options in mind in case I’m not available for your first choice.

Transportation to your choice location for up to four people can be provided.

Where will the photos be taken?
You can choose your favourite spot in the creek:

  • where your dog always jumps in
  • where you like to sit and watch the eddies change
  • where you like to hide from the world
  • where your kids first put their feet in the water
  • where you’re guaranteed some good people watching
  • anywhere you like

The only limitation is access to the spot and your ability to don a pair of rubber boots and stand there long enough for a photo. And, of course, you have to be able to get yourself (and your loved ones) back out again. Safety first!

What’s with the rubber boots?
For continuity in the exhibition, for fun, and to aid in the prevention of soakers, all participants are asked to wear rubber boots for the photos.

I will have a few rubber boots available in various sizes for children and adults, but if you have your own – even better.

Who can participate?
Anyone! Individuals, couples, friends, groups, families, you and your dog, you and your favourite house plant. Anyone. As long as everyone can get in and out of the creek safely.

What’s in it for me?
You will be participating in a fun project that will record the shallows, curves, banks and views of Jackson Park as it is in 2015. You will have your photo included in the projected exhibition for all of Peterborough to see celebrating the place that Jackson Creek holds in our community. AND you’ll receive a free 8×10 fully retouched jpeg of the file of your photo that you can print and share with everyone you know.

How do I sign up?
Contact photographer, Esther Vincent, at contact@evmustang.ca with your preferred choice of time, date and location in the creek. She will get back to you quickly about her availability and finalize plans to make it happen.

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