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black and white image of night-timg, foggy, urban residential neighbourhood. shot down the centre of a street, the yellow line stretches into the distance where a small figure is sillouhetted, crossing the street under a lamp post. to the extreme left of the image there is a lit porch in the distance with two people standing on it, moking.

I suspect the last thing anyone wants to see right now is more winter. But I did take a few images that I didn’t get a chance to share while my site was in limbo, like the porch smokers in the fog above.

image of an urban residential winter street on a hill looking up. there's a blizzard. the hill is steep. it is night. the street lamps refract in the imate. there is a single, small figure silhouetted on the sidewalk about mid distrance on the right side of the frame.

And this photo of the only other person I saw out during this sleety blizzard.

Over the winter I went out for a walk just about every morning. Even when it was minus 30.

Sometimes I’d go out again in the evening to stretch my legs and clear my head.

There were a lot of foggy nights.

image of a circle k variety store at night. it is cold and damp. the sky is black and the green traffic light is reflected in a puddle in the forground. there is a car at the intersection, a person walking into the store and another person sittting on the ground next to the ice machine.

And there were a lot of blizzards.

black and white image of a circle k in a blizzard. the street and side walk have an inch of snow. three traffic lights and two tall, bright street lights line the image.

This gentleman, below, was making his way home through a particularly dense but “gentle” blizzard.

george street looking south from north of McDonnel. the shot is from the middle of the street looking into downtown. it's night, there's a blizzard, the traffic lights are green. there is a car driving away in the distance. in the slightly closer forground, also in the middle of the street, a man with a yellow coat and a wheeled walking aid, walks toward the camera.

The snow was so thick there were very few cars, each going very slowly.

The sidewalks were impassable so the gentleman was walking up the middle of George street where the slow traffic had tamped down the snow.

When I asked him, as he pushed his wheeled walking-aid through the slush, if he was okay getting home, he smiled and said he was fine. It was a warm night, in spite of the snow. Then he laughed and said, it’s like this for me every winter.


Not to leave you with images of winter bleakness, here’s an early tulip that opened this week.

close up image of a bright-orange early tulip, yellow centre pointing toward the camera.

I’m looking forward to a near future of flowers and warmer weather.

And maybe we can create a not too distant future in which it’s easier for everyone get around in winter (and all the time).

bookmark_borderMay 1st General Strike Against Ford

Two activists based out of Hamilton and Toronto put out a call for protests to occur on International Workers’ Day, May 1st, as a show of action against the extensive cuts and damaging policies put forward by the Ontario Conservative leadership. Twenty-six cities in all took part in the march.

More information on the Facebook page here:

This is the Peterborough contingent. [Press links below the gallery]

bookmark_borderSmall Industrial City

The City of Peterborough has a long history. It’s one of Ontario’s older cities and once, as “The Electric City,” vied for the capital of the province.

It got its start as a logging town where lumber pulled in from north of the city would be milled and sent on its way.

Our waterway and liftlocks were originally intended to serve industry, but the development of the highways and trucking as the major means of transport shifted the focus. Now the Trent-Severn is a pleasure route, used by leisure craft and vacationers.

image of the otonabee river with the london street dam and quaker oatsBut the industrial boom and history of the town is evident in much of its architecture. From the Quaker Oats building and water tower… Continue reading “Small Industrial City”

bookmark_borderNew Camera, Fog and Swinnerton

I bought myself a Christmas present. A new Sony A7. On the recommendation of my friend Matt O’Sullivan (if you’re on Facebook, you can see an excellent street photo gallery here), This photo, shot from the hip, is a tribute/thank-you to him for his recommendation and inspiration. Thanks, Matt. Continue reading “New Camera, Fog and Swinnerton”

bookmark_borderEvery City Has a Strip

image of the intersection of lansdowne and the parkway in peterborough, ontario on a cloudy day three days before christmas showing overhead wires and stop lights and the pedestrian walkwayEvery city has a strip. At least one. Some cities have several. Peterborough has a couple. But Lansdowne Street is our main drag into town, or past town if you’re headed out to easterly cottages. Continue reading “Every City Has a Strip”