Photographs at Black Honey Café

Peterborough, Ontario, November 4, 2013 — As well as pulling together works from previous exhibitions, Esther Vincent has created new work for a spontaneous show at Black Honey Desert and Coffee House. Lisa Dixon, owner of Black Honey, approached Vincent to fill a gap in the schedule of artists that regularly fill the walls at the Café.

The new work created for this impromptu show includes a series of photographs of heavy draught horses from this year’s Norwood fair taken less than a month ago.

“Horses were my first love,” says Vincent, “and every year I go out to watch them at the fair. The heavy horses are particularly impressive. I can’t get enough of their enthusiasm for pulling these crazy weights. 9500 pounds was the weight the winning pair pulled. It’s almost inconceivable.”

Also included in the show are a number of small works on blocks that can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf. The small works include images of cows in fields and landscapes from the Peterborough area and are perfect for Christmas gifts.

The show runs from November 4th to December 15th, 2013 at Black Honey, 217 Hunter St. W.. There is an opening reception Sunday, November 10 from 3 to 5 pm.

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