Spring Crocuses Return

image of a single crocus, purple petals and bright yellow-orange stamen in the centre of the image

I haven’t posted in a very long time. Web site issues. Camera issues. COVID issues. World issues.

It’s been hard to do anything over the last couple of years. Yes? We’re all struggling in our own ways.

image of a group of crocuses (croci?) face up to the camera with touches of greeney and soil under them in the background

But still the seasons change around us.

top down image of a bright purple crocus amid a bunch of crocuses growing up out of the soil

With us or without us, the planet will continue on.

It seems the best we can do right now, is to also continue on. Doing as little damage as we can. Being as conscientious as we can. Being as kind as we can. Taking care. Of others, and of ourselves.

close up image of the centre of a crocus with two small petals protruding from two large petals. in the centre is the bright yellow-orange stamen reaching for the camera

And taking care to watch the flowers rise and bloom when we can.

I am hoping that all of us get to witness spring and many more seasons to come.


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