Blue Jays Really Like Peanuts

close up of a juvenile jay perched on an eavestrough looking curiously past the camera, green leaves flickering in the background

Blue Jays really like peanuts.

You are aware from my last post that I’ve been feeding the squirrels the occasional peanut. Or, sometimes, handfuls of peanuts, if the day calls for it.

Well, it turns out the juvenile jays that started hanging around last spring ALSO like the occasional peanut, or handful of peanuts if the day calls for it.

Or if they call for it …

And they do call for it. Sometimes I can hear them from my office window on the other side of the house.

I’d call it a caterwaul, but I suspect both they and the cats would be insulted. Regardless, it’s a very demanding sound.

They make a real racket until they get their peanuts. Once they see the peanuts put out for them they make the chattiest, gurgle sounds as they hop from branch to post to picnic table.

At least until they’re done their peanuts.

Then it’s back into hollering and terrorizing the neighbourhood.

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