Spring Flowers

Being “stuck” at home is never a bad thing for me if it’s spring.

image of light pink columbine flowers shot from below, looking translucent against a hazy sky. scattered green leaves span the image and frame the flowers.

My garden is erupting in colour.

image of lamium flowers in bright mauve set against the variegated green and yellow leaves with a spiky stamen in olive and burgundy rising from the centre.

So many colours.

image of a japanese fern showing fractal like fronds with deep purple stems that blend through deep olive green to almost white. in the middle, there is a tiny dandelion seed puff balanced on one of the fronds.

Some of the colour is subtle.

image of the interior of a purple and yellow iris. the leopard spotting of the petals serves as a background to the almost erotic interior which is dotted with droplets of rain reflecting the colours and soft shapes of the petals.

Some of the colour is bold.

image of the arc of the fall of a bright yellow iris, close up, from the side. the hairs of the beard is rising above the petals which are falling away and covered in droplets of rain water. it glows in the sunlight.

The irises always like to show off.

two deep purple siberian irises, tinted with yellow falls, embrace each other languidly. drops of rain water and tiger striping highlight the falls. the evening sun creates highlights and shadows emphasizing their geometry.

They are, for sure, some of the showiest flowers to be had.

image of the deep interior of a light purple and yellow iris. there is a single drop of rain on the anther. the standards are spread toward the camera and draw the viewer in to the centre of the flower. The falls in behind are mottled in deep purple and white, setting the pale yellow standards apart toward the viewer.

They are, perhaps, some of the sexiest of flowers.

image of a light purple iris with translucent petals, glowing in the evening light. the mottled white and purple fall drops toward the viewer with the bright yellow beard rising up toward the centre.

And they have all the bells and whistles that the flower world can provide.

image of a bright yellow potentila flower with a bubbly style and many bold anthers crowding the centre. five simple petals spread proudly from the pistil. to the right, a complex of silver-green leaves show themselves to be as interesting as the flower.

But even the simple potentilla can put on a show.

image of a tulip, photographed from the side. the petals are deep orange-yellow with tips and veins in magenta. there is a sash of rain drops running down the petal closest to the camera and another yellow tulip peeking out in the background.

There might not be a flower more simple and lovely as a tulip, though. Even without all the fancy business that the irises boast, the tulip stands tall and strong, withstanding snow and frost and being our bridge between the cold grey days of March and the welcome sun of June.

Happy spring.

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