Spring Is Rising

image of standing robin with wings almost dragging on the ground.

It’s finally spring and things are just starting to turn green. The birds are returning. This fella here, with the droopy wings, might very well be tired from a long migratory flight.

image of squirrel looking suspiciously at the camera while paused in climbing up a slender branch

The squirrels are running around like mad. This one lives in my potting shed. I’ve spent many years of futile attempts to get them to move out. Maybe this year I will succeed.

image of solitary tree in a field of long golden grass, a coniferous forest stretches to the left in the distance

It still looks a bit wintery out there. But just this week, the trees were starting to bud.

I’m very much looking forward to taking pictures of green and colourful things in the next few weeks.

Cheers to spring!

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