More Polaroids

scan of a polaroid of a building crane reaching up into a bright blue sky

I’ve taken a few more Polaroids.

scan of a black and white polaroid of a buoy trapped in ice in a lake

I’ve really been enjoying the amount of time it takes to take one picture.

scan of a polaroid of a series of glass and steel buildings reflected in each other with pedestrians and a car passing on the sidewalk below

This one, above, I stood in the parking lot for about five minutes waiting for the right combination of light, pedestrians and vehicles.

scan of a polaroid of a crane reaching over richmond street in london ontario

When each release of the shutter costs about four dollars, you pause a bit before pressing the button.

There’s no taking 200 photos and hoping one will look good. You take your time and wait for just that moment.

scan of a black and white polaroid of large sheets of ice bucked up against rocks

Which is one of the things I loved about photography when I first took it up, long before the digital era.

scan of a polaroid of a blur of a via rail train passing by a warning arm with the lights and bells clanging

And when everything comes together and your patience is rewarded, the results are immensely satisfying!

image of poster for un-sensored F8 - shutter FIZZLE at the art crawl

You can come see my Polaroids in person, if you’d like, on Friday April 5th in the evening (6 to 11pm). I’ll be part of a group show of photographers who have all been shooting with gear that isn’t digital.

All of the photos will have that je ne sais quoi of a photographer who is really taking the time to think before pressing the button.

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