polaroid image of rusty parisienne

I’ve been playing with my mom’s Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera.

That’s neighbour Ralph’s Parisienne. It’s always a classic subject.

polaroid image of lefty the kitten

And this, of course, is Lefty.

polaroid image of leaf in snow

I’m testing out the light limits that the Polaroid allows without flash. I find it interesting that the emulsion and coating of a Polaroid is almost instantly recognizable. (pun intended?)

polaroid image of bird prints in snow with one kitten paw print

It does have a propensity to make things look “romantic.” Or is it sentimental? Is that just because Polaroid is so much “of an era?”

polaroid image of deer print in snow with twigs

Or is it the strange colour balance that makes them seem misty and of another time?

polaroid images of trees in farm field

Whatever it is, I’m having fun with it.

I will be showing some of these photos in April in a group show at Acme Art & Sailboat Co. in the Commerce Building during the First Friday art crawl. The opening is April 5th.

Look for promo and come out to see the funky, genuine, Polaroid articles.

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