Ice Farm and Postcard Results

I house sat in the country again this week. Got to spend some time with a passel of beasties. Above is Kaz.

This is Ava.

And this is the ice storm still clinging to the trees.

It was a lovely few days in spite of the ice and slush.

It was an excellent getaway after the exhausting excitement of the Postcards From the Drawing Room shoot.

I took photos for six hours straight. People just kept coming and putting on fun bits of costume or grabbing a mask or prop or layering it all on.

Laurel Paluck, of the Drawing Room, set people up with garb and bits and pieces and gave them a friendly boost before they came into my booth.

It all worked very well and there was a lot of laughter. And it’s an excellent document of some of the artists and community that supports the arts in Peterborough.

I think the results are lovely. I hope you agree.

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