Snowangels Rehearsal

This weekend Public Energy is presenting Snowangels & The Lion’s Roar by Deepti Gupta of Arzoo Dance Theatre. Above is Noah Damer who is one of four performers in this unique Kathak influenced dance piece.

image of Parul Gupta, Aasttha Khajuria, Barkha Patel in Deepti Gupta's snowangelsThis is Parul Gupta, Aasttha Khajuria and Barkha Patel who, together with Damer, perform Gupta’s exploration of the newcomer’s experience with snow.

image of Parul Gupta, Aasttha Khajuria, Barkha Patel, Noah Damer in deepti gupta's snowangelsThe piece is a blend of traditional Kathak and modern elements. Gupta has creatively and subtly infused the dance form with symbolism and emotion from the contemporary Canadian experience.

There’s a Kathak workshop that is open to the public on Saturday if you want to learn this narrative and powerful dance style. (Saturday, April 7, 1:30PM – 3PM at The Market Hall, email if you’d like to sign up)

image of noah damer and aasttha khajuria in deepti gupta's snowangelsIt’s lovely to watch with moments that are moving, demanding, playful and fun.

Don’t miss it:

Tonight and tomorrow
April 6 and 7, 2018 presented by Public Energy at Market Hall



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