Suburban Drive

I’m still formulating my “suburbia” project.

I’m not exactly sure yet what it is that I want to depict.

I keep coming up with ideas, but the execution is either too complicated or would require too much time I can’t afford waiting for the right light or weather.

But the other night with a friend driving me home from Toronto,

I felt like I was able to capture some of what I see out there in the vast suburban landscape.

Perhaps if I just keep snapping, the final project will make itself clear.


    1. Ha! You are absolutely correct. But I don’t think I want to clarify suburbia. Just one little part of how I see it sometimes.

      So many of us come from suburbia these days. I think there’s a lot that is yet to be explored about how that environment affect people, both good and bad. I find the world of the suburbs extremely compelling.

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