March Snow

image of snow at night blanketing a farm field with a stream and a few treesI said last week that the unusual February thaw wouldn’t last.

image of snow dusting a rolling field at night with a tall tree in the foregroudn and lights in the distanceAnd here we are with another dusting of snow.

image of snow dusting a rolling field at night with a stream and long dried grassesI thought to go out at night and combine my night shooting with a chance to catch the new fallen dusting.

image of a snow sovered embankment at nightThe cloud cover was so even and reflecting the light bouncing off the city and the snow that it almost looked like daylight.

image of a wide rolling country hillside with snow at nightExcept that the illumination seemed to be coming from the snow itself.

image of a country road at night under a light blanket of snowIt made for a very eerie drive. There really is something about the night that closes things in. The world seems more finite and yet, somehow, the journeys seem to take longer…


    1. It’s kind of “natural.” I used a long exposure to let the light in fully – about 30 seconds. And I suspect the spill of the primarily tungsten light of the city bouncing off the clouds cast the amber hue.

      I did try to compensate by using a lower Kelvin scale setting (3500K – I think), but there was definitely a sepia cast to the clouds that night.

  1. these are beautiful and the highway is eerily existential, makes it hard to look away. Well done yet again.

    1. Thank-you so much! It was a spooky kind of night.

      I usually head a different direction for my night shoots. This was the first time I’d done a night shoot in this location. Only one car passed by during the hour that I was there. Even though it’s not far outside of town, it felt remote. And the babbling and bubbling of the overrun stream was quite chatty. Almost sounded like voices inside the culvert under the road adding to the spookiness.

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