image of barely visible street blanketed by dense fogEveryone was astounded by the fog this week. It was so thick I couldn’t see more than two streetlights down from my house.

image of peterborough city hall in fog at night with park benches stretching out in front toward the cameraI had to go out that night, but fortunately I was on foot. Of course, I had to take a photo of Peterborough’s City Hall shrouded in the fog that was not nearly as thick right downtown.

image of peterborough george street with taffic, fog and many different colours of lightsThe heat from the pavement spread the fog thin and driving was easier under the downtown lights.

image of a police car blurily zipping through water and hunter streets in fogIt still felt very “cloak and dagger” out and I’m sure the police, who were out in force, were being kept busy with auto accidents.

image of parked car on water street in the fog. this image makes me think of an edward hopper paintingBut for me, on foot, it was visually compelling.

The halos around the lights and the reflections in the street made everything look like an Edward Hopper painting.

I love it when life imitates art.


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