So Many Stars

image of night sky north of duoroI went out this week to see if I could see the Northern Lights that were possibly going to occur. (The colour in the sky close to the ground above is from city lights and parking lots in Lakefield, Young’s Point and Burleigh Falls.)

image of nighttime roadway with stars and tail lightsAs with the meteor shower in December, I went with camera and tripod at the ready but didn’t get the celestial light show I’d hoped for.

image of starfield and trackline of jet lights over a night road I wasn’t disappointed, though. It was a brilliantly clear night and warm enough to be comfortable standing out for over an hour.

image of stars in the night sky south of duoroI got lots of pictures with trails from airplanes and passing cars.

image of country road with house and night sky aboveAnd of course, the ever present yet always magical star field that hovers over us. (The brightness on the horizon here is Peterborough.)

So deep. So mysterious. So fascinating and beautiful.

The Northern Lights might be evasive, but we’ll always have the stars.

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