Justin Million Keyboards

image of corona typewriterKeyboards is an event that happens on the last Sunday of each month at the Garnet here in Peterborough.

image of justin million sitting at corona typewriterA fine fellow by the name of Justin Million sits at his typewriter for the evening and composes spontaneous poems on his Corona Twelve typewriter.

image of desk bellWhen he’s finished a poem, he rings a bell.

image of justin million reading aloudAt which point the patrons of the bar quiet down (mostly) and have a listen.

image of justin million reading aloudIt’s a lovely evening with moments of literary synchronicity that sometimes shift the room one way or the other.

image of justin million reading aloudIf you want to see the kinds of things Justin and his life and working partner, Elisha Rubacha, are up to when they’re doing things, you have a month to check them out at Evans Contemporary at “Temporary, a pop up/special event takeover by Justin Million, and Elisha Rubacha’s Show and Tell Poetry Series, & bird, buried press. Throughout the month of December, Million and Rubacha will use Evans Contemporary as a lab, studio, performance space, storefront, and guerrilla headquarters.”

Dec 1 – 30, 2017
Opening tonight!: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1. 6-11PM

If you’re in town, it’s for sure worth stopping by to see what’s up.

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