Bee Condo (Aster Heights)

close up image of the deep oranges and yellows of the center of an aster flower showing stamens and pistilsEvery year around this time my aster plant becomes a magnet for wasps and bees. They love the masses of pollen tucked within the florets.

image of honey bee on an asterEvery type of bee, honey …

image of a bumble bee on an aster… or bubmle, come to visit.

close up image of a green bottle fly on the yellow centre of a purple asterEven the opportunistic green bottle fly gets their nose in the business.

close up image of a chamomile flowerAnd yet they leave the humble chamomile alone.

That’s okay with me, though. That chamomile is destined for tea to warm me on cool fall evenings on the porch.

Carry on, bees. The aster is all yours.

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