Big Skies, Little Critters

image of distant late summer country side under puffy clouds from the top of the first hill of the harold town trailsI went for a walk with a friend out at the Harold Town Conservation Area this week. I had never been to this beautiful park before. The view from the top of the first hill on the trail (above) is well worth the climb, especially at this colourful time of year.

close up image of american toad on a matching rockDeep into the wooded areas, there were lots of switchback trails for mountain biking and walking. And off the trails there’s lots of activity from the resident wee beasties. This American Toad sat stock still as I poked my camera in her (or his?) face for a closeup.

image of chipmunk sitting on a patch of bright green lichenThis little chipmunk was less willing to sit still. I was able to sneak this shot by shooting through my friend’s binoculars. Maybe it’s time for me to get a proper telephoto lens. (There are always lenses to want, lenses to need…)

image of white clouds and blue sky over late summer coloured fields and trees off the trail at harold town conservation areaI highly recommend a stroll through Harold Town. There are easier and more difficult routes so there are lots of options depending on how much you want to get a walking workout.

Be sure to step off the trail though, when a mountain bike rider comes zipping through. It’s a place for quiet reflection, for sure, but it’s also a place for daredevil adventure.

No matter where you are, be sure to share the trail – with other people as well as with the wee beasties. Out here, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

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