Dusk Dances 2017

It’s Dusk Dances time again.

Passerelles-la rivière, Choreographed by Julie Pilon & MÉlissandre Tremblay-Bourassa

This week we were in Repentigny, Quebec at the Centre d’Art Diane-Dufresne.

The place in between: La Otra Orilla, Choreographed and directed by, Myriam Allard and Hedi Graja (La Otra Orilla)

At the end of the month (July 27-30) we’ll be in Hamilton.

Rawrabide: Gadfly. Choreographed by Ofilio Sinbadinho

After that, Toronto (August 7th-13th) and Barrie (August 17th-20th).

La gigue en souvenir: Bouchardanse, Choreographed by Sylvie Bouchard, With Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourassa for the last section

Be sure to come check it out if it’s going to be near you.

There are a lovely set of dances again this year.

Bound, Choreographed by Louis-Martin Charest

It’ll make you as happy as dancer, choreographer and Dusk Dances creator, Sylvie Bouchard is in this photo.

Come enjoy the dance!

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