Spring Cows and Buddha Dude

image of cows and calves in long grass in a field under a motled grey and steel blue skyIt’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve missed a couple of posts.

I have a bunch of photos to show you, but no time to post them. So for this week, a small taste.

Here are some lovely cows and calves enjoying long grasses on a warm, humid spring afternoon.

image of three claves in long grass looking toward the viewer with assertive looks on their facesAnd here’s three of the calves who decided I was worth checking out, and perhaps challenging. No, my friends. I am no threat. Just stopping by to admire.

image of a large male tourist standing at the foot of the new buddha sculpture at the cham chan temple outside peterborough ontarioI also visited the new ChamShan temple for their open house. I have many photos but this one seemed to tell the story best.

It’s an interesting place and I hope to go back when it’s finished.

More photos to come once things settle down for me.

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