Our Town

image of families and kids from new stages production of our townThis weekend brings the last two performances of New Stages‘ production of Our Town.

image of the gibbs family from new stages production of our townI was surprised when Randy Read, the producer for New Stages, told me that he had decided to put up this show.

I’ve always thought of “Our Town” as a quaint, almost saccharine, representation of regressive, early twentieth century middle America.

image of paperboy scene from new stages production of our townAnd, in many ways it is.

But this production, directed by Linda Cash, has taken the time to find the subtleties and deeply human aspects of the script. It won a Pulitzer Prize for a reason.

image of the wedding scene in new stages production of our townFirst produced in 1938, it was one of the first pieces of contemporary drama to self-consciously “break the fourth wall,” which was playwright Thorton Wilder’s reaction to what he thought was a growing insincerity in the theatre of his time.

image of randy read as the stagem manager in nwe stages production of our townSincere is perhaps the best word I can use to describe this show.

It is a sincere exploration of the eternal human experience that is present in the most mundane of moments. It invites us to consider, with no cynicism or affectation, what is truly important “in our growing up and in our marrying and in our living and in our dying.”

There is a reason this show won a Pulitzer Prize during the inception of one of the most brutal wars of history.

This show is a strident antidote for our time of “high cynicism.” But it is not naive nor is it facile. And if you pay attention (an invitation to “pay more attention” being one of the gifts the script delivers) it contains many eternal truths.

Come out tonight or Saturday to the Market Hall. Let drop your expectations of having everything quickly and conveniently delivered in bite sized pieces and take some time to mull over what is really important to YOU.

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