April Flowers

image of daffodil flowerIt almost feels like it’s safe to say that spring is really here.

The first of the flowers, like this bold daffodil, are finally opening their buds.

image of daffodilThe smallest patches of colour are emerging.

image of periwinkle flowerSome are very tiny and hard to find. This periwinkle flower is the first and only of its flock to emerge at the moment.

image of forsythia flower in bloomSome are more showy and arrive in multitudes like this one-of-millions forsythia bloom.

image of wild violet flowerThis wild violet is tucked in with a batch near the hedge.

closeup image of young kale leavesAnd this kale, along with a couple of others of its kind, seemed to overwinter successfully and has started setting up new, tasty leaves.

image of the opening of an anthillEven the ants seem confident that they won’t get washed out with snow melt and have opened their doors wide.

Here’s to spring and opening the doors wide.

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